In response to the the profound and utter decline of West, Tribal Theocrat advocates the robust application of the Christian worldview devoid of all egalitarian and statist syncretism. Our written and audio media address taboo topics and other themes entirely neglected by church and state leaders, attempting to resuce our comrades from the group mind.

Our two overarching convictions are:

  1. All order, whether personal, familial, ecclesiastical or state, is theocratic in that the highest ethical authority of every system is ultimately faith-based and presuppositional rather than religiously neutral and empirical. In locating the final authority of any institution or society, you have found its god.
  2. The ideal and normative social order for families – and by extension communities and nations – is racial, not propositional; blood, not ideology, forms the proper and lasting bonds of affection and loyalty of any legitimate society.

While this site is inflexibly Christian in its authority and Occidental in its fraternity, we are no more dogmatic and kin-oriented than others. Even the novel multiculturalists have an uncompromising view of absolute authority and race:  by the powers of their own autonomous reason (their god), they elect an order which blends all racial distinction into a single people, the race of Adam or humanity (their tribe). Believing that such a view defies God and invariably reaps cultural genocide and judgment, we prefer fidelity to the religion and people that have given us the glorious West.

All of life is racial and authoritarian, hence our namesake: Tribal Theocrat.