TT Podcast 19: Kevin Swanson Gets to the Core of the Trayvon Case

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  1. David Opperman
    David Opperman May 18, 2012 at 6:41 pm | | Reply

    Just a brief comment. Excellent post by Christian Gray on Swanson. Thanks for the hat tips :)

    I wanted to comment on Swanson’s allegation that kinists have “persecuted” his friend R.C. Sproul Jr. This is entirely false for a couple of reasons. Swanson hints at the fact that Sproul has had some hardships in his church life, and hints that this is the responsibility of kinists. It isn’t. Kinists have opposed Sproul because of his support for miscegenation and transracial adoption. Sproul suggests that he wanted to turn his rural white community “coffee-colored.” As an aside, it’s amusing how alienists insist that race is of no consequence, except for when it is! Why else would Sproul brag about turning a white community “coffee-colored” if race was entirely irrelevant?

    Contrary to Swanson’s reckless accusation, Sproul’s problems have not come about as a result of his disagreements with kinism. He was defrocked and removed from the ministry by the RPCGA where he was ministering. The issue had nothing to do with kinism. Therefore, Swanson is being dishonest when he suggests that kinists have “persecuted” Sproul. There a couple of things to keep in mind with Sproul and kinism.

    1.) Even if Sproul was defrocked about kinism or abusing kinists this would not be “persecution.” The issue would be whether or not the charges against him were true.

    2.) Does Swanson believe that Sproul was “persecuted” by the RPCGA when they removed him from the ministry? Does Swanson believe that his personal friends are above reproach?

    3.) Since Sproul’s mishaps were not about kinism or kinist issues, it is superfluous to bring it up. Swanson does this simply to poison the well against kinism. Even if Swanson does not intend to address Sproul’s ecclesiastical issues, he is still committing slander against kinists, since mere disagreement is not “persecution” by any meaningful definition. These are obviously sensitive issues, and kinists are entitled to their opinion. Implying that kinists are evil because we disagree with Swanson’s friend is simply being childish.

    For more on the Sproul defrocking:

  2. Daniel
    Daniel June 17, 2012 at 12:31 am | | Reply

    The alienists are of course committing the error of unity at the expense of diversity when they deny the existence of race which is why they then go on to discuss an innumerable number of attributes (the particulars) of each of the races. At that point you have the beauty of the unity vs. diversity dialectic. When you deny one you inevitably are forced to an extreme of the other and round and round one goes into further error. Thankfully, orthodox Christians can relish in the equal ultimacy of the one and the many which characterizes the trinity and which is reflected in the unity of mankind and the diversity of races.

  3. David
    David March 2, 2013 at 12:39 am | | Reply

    Racist redneck Nazis

  4. allen
    allen August 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm | | Reply

    Good critique of KS. One other thing you could have pointed out is that virtually all of the people who listen to Kevin’s show are women(I’ve heard him say that on his show) and I would be willing to bet that virtually everyone who listens to your show are men. For someone who talks constantly about Biblical Manhood, he isn’t attracting a very masculine demographic.

  5. Kevin Swanson’s Foolishness on the Alt Right and Nationalist Politics at Faith and Heritage

    […] Swanson’s rejection of any kind of national pride and his denunciation of “xenophobia” (another leftist construct) are part of the problem. Swanson ignores the very real and massive problems caused by mass immigration from the Third World to the West, all from the safety and comfort of his home in white rural Colorado. His solution is to repeatedly assure his listeners that immigration – even Islam! – is not the problem, but rather “sin” (as he narrowly defines) is what should concern us. All that is needed is for someone to “disciple the nations” so that everyone can embrace this abstraction Swanson calls “freedom.” Meanwhile the destruction of the West continues unabated. Until the Christian church turns away from the foolish counsel of cowards like Kevin Swanson we should expect the secular Alt Right to continue to make gains among disaffected white men. The solution is to follow the example of our ancestor Charles Martel, not the cowardly advice of males like Kevin Swanson. […]

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