10 Facts Public School Never Told You About Lincoln’s War

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  1. The Freed Negro Slave Statue: Joining the "Dialogue" | Hoosier Nation

    [...] Actually, whites didn't "enslave" blacks; they purchased them (Leviticus 25:44) from African tribal leaders who sold them for rifles and rum. If there was man-stealing involved in the slave trade (a capital crime Ex 21:16; Deut 24:7), it was by their own. The Atlantic slave trade was wicked and slavery itself is attended with many evils, but the institution cannot be rejected simply by appealing to the abuses anymore than one can reject the institution of marriage because of wife beaters. (Don't believe me? Read this classic and you'll grow hair on your chest.) Do I want to return to African slavery here? No, but neither do I want to continually hear lies about it, or shoulder the supposed guilt for taking Africans from cannibalistic savagery to a white civilized plantation where they were taught the gospel. More about Lincoln's war and the Northern-run slave trade carried out by Jewish vessels is here. [...]

  2. Fr. John
    Fr. John July 12, 2011 at 7:07 am | | Reply

    I am astounded that you could coalesce so much history and factual information into a list of ten points- what is especially telling is the list of the ships, their owners, and their owners…. ummm, “ethnicity.” Fascinating.

    One small matter. In the sentence, “While some debated whether Negro slaves should be free, hardly anyone (you’re grandparents included)” You’re should be your. It’s not a possessive, and you’re means you are. But that’s the College Prof. in me….. (you may edit out this second paragraph if you like, after fixing the grammar.)

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