Rebutting Gary North’s Abolitionist Argument

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  1. Grey
    Grey June 5, 2020 at 1:32 pm |

    As Wesley is one of the main spiritual influences on my family line and myself I read what he had to say on it.

    His essay on it was sadly mostly emotional fluff, decrying ill treatment (which certainly happened, but from other accounts it does not seem it was nearly so universal as abolitionists say) and illogically claims that slavery can never be justly entered into, those claims were furnished by someone else who Wesley quoted and were the plausible sounding but ignoring details kinds of claims liberals make.

    And yes, there was a lack of scripture.

    But there was a rhetorical gem that in my view gets to the heart of the ‘evil of slavery in the Americas’

    Secondly, it is not clear, that we should have either less money or trade, (only less of that detestable trade of man-stealing) if there was not a negro in all our islands, or in all English America. It is demonstrable, white men, inured to it by degreescan work as well as them: And they would do it, were negroes out of the way, and proper encouragement given them. ‘

    He covers this point a few times in a few ways. I beleive it gets at the real evil, the real lack of love, that happened during the slave trade. And it’s am evil abolitionists did nothing whatsoever about. It’s a lack of love for ones own kin and countrymen and a desire to make a fast buck over promoting the good of your own people.

    As nonsensical as his arguments are, if an Abolitionist in Wesleys vein had his way there would not be a single Negro in the Americas.

    What do you think is the spiritual state of nominal Christians who become lap-dogs of liberal, modern, or ‘enlightened’ philosophy. How much do we allow for ignorance and at what point do we admit that their first faith is humanism and Christianity is secondary? Bad theology makes for a bad Christian walk, and Norths bad theology doubtless leads to much more serious evils in Lambs life, an implicit hatred for his own people.

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