Covid-19 and the Rise of the Karens

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  1. Will B. Dunne
    Will B. Dunne May 3, 2020 at 12:08 pm |


    Young Karen is raised without a strong and loving male in her life. Without a father to bring order to the natural chaos that is her young mind, she grows up wild and desperate for attention and love.

    Unfortunately, there is always someone who will provide attention to lonely, young, attractive girls. She learns how to trade sex for attention. How to manipulate men and how to drown out her feelings of emptiness and shame with drugs, drink and parties.

    The Karen starts her adult life as a woman of slightly above average attractiveness. She is pretty, but not gorgeous. Her looks combined with her wild behavior ensure that she gets a constant stream of attention from both men and women, which she craves to make up for the lack of attention she received as a child.

    She drinks way too much, takes way too many drugs, spends too much money on stupid things, gets too many tattoos, hurts too many people, and with the help of her army of thirsty white knight cucks she whores her way out of paying the consequences for her actions.

    The Karen overestimates her true worth. Because many Alphas are willing to sleep with her, she erroneously concludes that she too is an Alpha, an Alpha woman.

    Quality Bravos, reasonably attractive, moderately successful men, would have married her when she was 20 however Karen wouldn’t settle for anything less than an Alpha.

    Meanwhile the Alphas just want to pump and dump her. She is a toy to them. She keeps pushing the sexual envelope farther and farther as she desperately seeks to lock down her dream man. Maybe if she debases herself a little more he will ask her to marry him.

    While she is busy getting banged out of every hole by dozens of Alphas the quality Bravos have married that chaste, sweet girl from church, and started to have babies.

    The sexual market is getting bifurcated. All that is left are the Alphas who are not ready to commit and the Deltas who are working hard to build their value before marriage.

    Then Karen hits the wall. Suddenly she is no longer attractive to the Alphas, no matter what she is willing to do for them all they want is younger, tighter, firmer, less wasted women. They are Alphas after all.

    Her drinking, partying and drug use is no longer cool, now it is a big problem. She switches to over eating to fill the void. Without the promise of young, hot sex her “big personality” reveals her as the basic bitch she is.
    Her million cock march has left her emotionally calloused and unable to pair bond. Quality men avoid her like the plague. She goes years without a date.
    Throw in a kid or two with random men and she quickly realizes it is time to settle for any male she can get or risk growing old alone with her children. Her standards go from sky high to rock bottom.

    Finally the eternal Karen emerges in her final, most horrible form. She marries the first delta she can envelop with her pudgy legs or even worse a gamma. Now she is miserable, angry, disappointed in her life and ready to take it out on the world.

    Stripped of her ability to use sex to get compliance, in an angry screech she calls out “Let me speak to the manager!” which is Karen speak for “let me speak to the local Alpha”.

    Thus is born the Karen, birthed from the THOT.

    ( Take it from me, I married one and it didn’t end well)

  2. Justine
    Justine May 25, 2020 at 1:25 pm |

    How does a pro-patriarchal wife married to a feminist male submit to him?

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