Dr. Morton H. Smith: The Racial Problem Facing America

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  1. Weston
    Weston March 17, 2014 at 12:04 am |

    Great article, Mickey. The more biblically informative posts on black/white relations the better. There are a 100 new ones a day on the breakdown of our anti-white society but almost none on racial distinctions and God’s hand in them. It’s always a help to read a biblical perspective. Our church is 100% white (with the occasional Mexican visitors) and the town we live in is 45% black. We don’t turn them away at the door or have a sign posted reading “no coloreds”. They just prefer to be amongst their own. As does any sane, honest person. This is anathema to the inclusionist state. Thank you, sir. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Kevin Alawine
    Kevin Alawine March 17, 2014 at 10:42 pm |

    Very good article Mickey! Thanks for posting this.

    I have ordered mp3s from Greenville Seminary and listened to Pipa’s sermons and a debate or two and wondered where they might stand now. I think Smith was a mentor to Pipa. I haven’t looked into their present beliefs because frankly I was afraid of what I would discover. Now I am going to have to make it a point to find out.

  4. civil rights apostate
    civil rights apostate March 27, 2014 at 12:18 pm |

    I always wondered why the South segregated churches. Now I know. What integrationists do sometimes is they seek to refute blatant passages that prove race is real and will exist in heaven with ambiguous passages and passages which teach that all races exist in heaven!

  5. Fr. John+
    Fr. John+ May 11, 2014 at 7:27 am |

    “As one studies the origin of man in the Bible it is evident that all men descend from a single pair of first parents.”

    Fascinating article (and photos) but the above statement renders most of the subsequent analysis fraught with all sorts of problems.

    Nothing of the sort (i.e., ‘all men descend from a single pair of first parents’) is ‘evident,’ when it comes to the Creation of Adam, as opposed to the creation of the lesser races- especially from the perspective of fifty years on.

    In 1964, Whitcomb and Morris’ ‘The Genesis Flood’ had just appeared, and the advances in medicine, science, DNA research, IQ, and all the rest of the modern analysis of racial differences, were still in the Dark Ages. Joseph Widney, the founder of U.S.C., had written a book, called “The Race Life of the Aryan Peoples” in 1907-only fifty years earlier, and Widney had founded the Nazarene Church, so his views could not be considered abnormal.

    “There is a mingling of bloods which is miscegenation, and which brings with it race deterioration and premature decay. But these are the evil fruitage of the crossing of bloods widely variant from each other. It is shown in the mulatto, the mestizo, the Eurasian. But there is also a mingling of bloods which is not miscegenation in this evil and disastrous sense, and which instead of deterioration and decay brings vigor and renewed youth. It is the mingling of kindred yet separate bloods. It is Isaac and Jacob going back to their kinsmen in the land of Haran for wives. This is the race remolding which made Britain, which is making America, which remade the dying Greece of the pre-Dorian days, the Greece of Knossos, of Mykene, of Tiryns, and which once before, in the days which followed the Caesars, saved Rome from political death, and made possible Italy, Portugal, and Spain.”

    Moreover, this book (and its’ premises) are well within the lifetime of anyone living as an adult, when Smith’s article came out. Carleton Coon’s book, ‘The Origin of the Races’ had come out only two years earlier. (1962) Building upon the solid (but now discredited, for ideological reasons alone) foundation of Lothrop Stoddard and others, its premise was (I quote from the biased Wiki article) “The book asserted that the human species divided into five races before it had evolved into Homo sapiens. Further, he suggested that the races evolved into Homo sapiens at different times…”.

    While not an advocate of macro-evolution, I feel one can today, objectively read the data, and compare it to the self-attesting nature of Scripture. One does not have to hold to an ICR/Hamite pseudo-genealogy that ‘all races are equal,’ that bizarrely meshes with Darwin’s original reasons for writing ‘Origin of Species’ (Darwin was an abolitionist, and wrote his book to deny the science that was showing Caucasoid Man an entirely different species altogether! He was, as I have noted on my blog, one with Harriet Beecher Stowe, and not true Science).

    To me, holding to false data is bad science, but even worse faith! Today, thankfully, a quick look on the internet shows that historically, and (via a renaissance against the Hamite heresy) growing influence today, honest Christians are able (and willing) to acknowledge the possibility (even the fact!) of a ‘pre-Adamite’ existence, for some hominids.

    I applaud you for rescuing this article from the dustbin of history, but Smith’s initial premise does not, and should not be used any longer, with the advances clearly made known from as widely differing ideological sources as Murray’s ‘The Bell Curve,’ MacDonald’s ‘Culture of Critique,’ Avdeyev’s “Raciology,” to Ross’s “Reasons to Belive.”

    Ham and his ilk have outlived their usefulness, and never were (imho) truly Biblical scholars, anyway. They have swallowed the Frankfurt School’s ‘No race but the human race’ propaganda, and have regurgitated it back, as if it were the Gospel. It is, but ‘another’ gospel, frankly. [Gal. 1:8] Serious, devout Christians should broaden their insights into Adam’s origins, when such authors’ views coalesce so nicely with those of Marxist, Atheist Jewish world views such as Ham’s and the Frankfurt School, don’t you think?


  6. Maria Delaluz
    Maria Delaluz October 9, 2014 at 3:09 pm |

    I think most of the scriptural verses you provide as to why the Israelites were to be kept apart from the other races clearly explain why this was to be so. In most of these verses it reads so that they would not fall in to such detestable, pagan practices as their neighbors.

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