Kevin Swanson Takes Courageous Stand Against Terran-Caitian Miscegenation

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  1. JPOutlook
    JPOutlook July 10, 2013 at 2:02 am | | Reply

    Quality material, here.

  2. Matt B
    Matt B July 10, 2013 at 5:06 pm | | Reply

    I’ve listened to the podcasts that TT has in the audio archives of Kevin Swanson’s show’s. One about the Trayvon Martin extermination and the other about Kevin’s lust for white genocide. The first indication to not take his position seriously is the fact that he and his guest’s reference to the curse of Canan in relation to blacks and that it was wiped out by the great flood. The curse of Canan occurred after the flood and there is no reference at all in the book of Genesis attributing this curse to be the origin of the black race. That is a myth perpetrated by the Jewish Talmud that has somehow wormed its way into Christian thought. If Kevin actually read Genesis Chpt. 9 he would Know this. How the Talmudic account infected his belief of the curse is beyond me.
    The man is a gospel “hustler” of some sort. He justifies his own belief and practice by running others (kinists) into the ground for not following his pattern. A lot of name calling carelessly mixed with biblical misinformation used to control his listener.
    So, his ambiguity about miscegenation comes as no surprise. He displays a double minded bigotry and sloppy reference to scripture. The apostles of the New Testament warned us about “false teachers”.
    It’s a dangerous thing to have guys like this claiming to be preaching the word of God but get it so butchered up! He can get away with it because a majority of “Christians” are to (and I will say this) STUPID to read scripture for themselves. They will take his word for it at face value and will never be able call him out on it. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR EVERY CHRISTAIN TO READ THE BIBLE FOR THEMSELVES AND TO THEIR CHILDREN FROM THE DAY THEY COME OUT OF THE WOMB. IT’S NO WONDER WE HAVE CHURCHES AND PASTORS RUNNING AROUND PREACHING WHATEVER CRAP THEY WANT TO PREACH AND PERFORMING UNHOLY SAMESEX MARRIAGES! Until that happens we will always have the blind leading the blinding. Bless you TTL for exposing this guy as the fool he really is.

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