TT Live 21: May Day Recap

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  1. Bags of urine thrown as White Student Union clashes with May Day protesters - Page 9 - Stormfront

    [...] TT Live 21: May Day Recap In that podcast, Matthew Heimbach, founder of the White Student Union and current student at Towson and Scott Terry who is an associate of his but not a student both go into more detail about what happened. Heimbach says that unlike the communists who don't have jobs and whose protestors are made up of rich White kids with too much time on their hands and homeless people, the members and supporters of the White Student Union actually have jobs. And Heimbach said his group was able to fill 2 carloads of people to the counter-protest. Also Mr. Heimbach said he was basically part of the true working class, the working poor if you will. But of course, any supporter of his who lives in the Maryland/D.C. area should go out to support him whenever he can. [...]

  2. Some Coons Are More Equal | yonderfield

    [...] made me laugh today…I was driving home and listening to a podcast from Christian Gray over at Tribal Theocrat. Mr. Gray and some of his young friends were talking about a recent dust-up between a tiny band of [...]

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