America or Jesus

America or Jesus

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” St. Matthew 6:24

The America that we want to believe in is dead. Gone and not coming back anytime soon. The Left won and the only people who seem to not be able to recognize this are the defeated, which is the American Church.

Without a doubt, at one time America was a nation chosen by God to accomplish the original intent of Manifest Destiny and capture North America in the name of Jesus Christ for his holy Church. However, the times have radically shifted against the Church and now the very enemy that once was so greatly feared is now our overlord. Therefore, Christians need to do away with the idea that America is “God’s chosen” nation.

In an age where every semblance of traditionalism and heritage, most importantly the faith, is under hostile assault by the establishment of America, American Christians still profess an undying devotion to the nation of the United States of America.

Intrinsically interwoven with this is the uniqueness of American Christianity in how controverted America’s so-called Christian faith is compared with the standard of faith in the rest of the world.

American Christianity is not a belief system unto itself, nor is it a part of the greater religion of Christianity. American Christianity is simply the legitimizing element of the theistic component to the American mythology. American Christianity is a custom-made religion for modern-day America. Its low church attitude makes it palatable to the shallow and easy-going culture of contemporary America and possesses none of the daunting trappings or requirements that are a part of traditional, high church Christianity, making it easy for beliefs to slide in an out at the whim of their emotions and conscience.

Furthermore, its theology, though at its core remains orthodox (such as adherent to the doctrines of the Holy Trinity, the dual nature of Christ and His Virgin Birth), is steeped in a lock step allegiance to a nation and system that not only couldn’t care less about their existence, but are actively working to destroy their faith and the heritage that sprang from it.

The America that Christians want to believe in and the America they teach about in their churches during Sunday services is not the America that actually exists. “American Christianism” believes that America is still a good, godly country at its core, that is simply being mislead by the forces of darkness, but nonetheless can still be recaptured in the name of Christ and that because of God’s previous work under the banner of the Stars and Stripes, we should therefore still hold allegiance to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and everything else “Americana.”  Contrary to this self-imposed delusion, American Christians, though compromising the largest religious group in America, are the most hated and targeted by the factions that lead America.

The New York (financial)-Washington (political)-Hollywood (cultural) axis is the leading oligarchy of America and it is leading the founding, Enlightenment-based egalitarianism of America to its logical conclusion regarding Christianity: that Christianity will have to be removed from the picture altogether. Therefore, the real America that American Christians refuse to accept is one that openly promotes non-Christian religions at the exclusion and expense of the true faith; reprograms Christian born children to believe in the normalcy of homosexuality, statism, multiculturalism, and other assorted debauched behaviors; encourages and sponsors the wholesale slaughter of children in the womb with their tax dollars;  and, internationally, actively promotes via foreign aid the persecution of Christians around the work. A most notable case in-point from the news is that America sponsors the Free Syrian Army while it openly terrorizes Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and while its street gangs cause murder and mayhem for the Copts.

Though American Christians know these facts, they still doggedly support America for fear of committing some sort of spiritual treason to the nation that God made. It is almost as if the sin of accepting homosexuality is less sinful than betraying the red, white, and blue, and accepting a debauched society is actually preferable to America dying. When confronted with these facts, American Christians often turn to some sort of scape goat, blaming it on Barrack Obama’s presidency, the Democrat Party, Brittany Spears’s music videos, or the “bad” education system, but we all know they reality is much deeper. The American public, though paying lip service to Christianity, fundamentally rejects the Holy Gospel message in governing their day-to-day lives and mentally hates Christians for a variety of reasons. In a simpler form of stating the obvious: Americans have rejected Christianity in exchange for Enlightenment-humanism and are now simply carrying out the presuppositions of egalitarianism to their logical conclusions.

Despite this obvious transformation of American society, American Christians’ blind patriotism persists.

This inability to rationally see the problems and recognize their existence demonstrates a serious break from reality, thereby inhibiting Christians from actively recapturing America for Christ.

Jesus Christ teaches us a Gospel message that relies on a never-ending war of hostility against this world. We are to reject its worldview presuppositions in every way and supplant the authority, teachings and message of Jesus Christ over that of the worldly darkness. Truth is to be seen, exposed, and advocated at all times and we are to never allow ourselves to be deceived. American Christians, however, plunged themselves into willful deceit. They swear allegiance to a flag and nation that is no longer their own, but rather now stands in as the standard of the devil.

How can one honestly call America a “Christian country” while its behavior is more akin to the sins of Sodom and Gohmorrah?

American Christianity is intricately woven into the lifeblood of the United States itself. In the first 200 years of Christianity’s presence in the New World, it was the worldview that very much tied in with the traditions and practices of the old, specifically the old orthodox faith. However, through time and a de facto establishment of pluralism amongst Christian groups, Christians have been forced to renounce their old world loyalties and identity, and have in an almost dialectic fashion, joined together to usher in a new brand of Christianity that is the religious component to the mythology of Americana.

The consequence being that American Christianity, most specifically low-Church Christianity, has become literally interwoven into the lifeblood of the United States. It is now an inseparable entity and it will go the way that the United States goes. Contrary to the popular American Christian belief that their religion guides America, the opposite is true. With churches proclaiming such undying loyalty to the American system, and their identity tied into its identity, consequently, the church’s health and survival becomes tied into the nation’s health and identity.

So it can be easily predicted then, that American Christianity is not to last in the long term. American Christianity will go the way of the United States, and as America becomes more debauched and weak, so will the American Church and something else will replace it (most likely Islam or some sort of pagan-Catholic hybrid from Mesoamerica).

The solution then, is for American Christians to break a series of psychological barriers.

Firstly, renounce that America is still a “Christian nation.” It would be proper still to advocate that America was founded upon Christian values, but to say that America has stayed the course is a gross lie and self-delusional attitude. By renouncing America, the American church can “secede,” if you will, from this establishment and the evil that goes with it; therefore we can no longer be judged guilty by our enemies for supporting the evil of the establishment, but rather act as the counter-revolutionary vanguard that can save America.

Secondly, accept that the United States has been hijacked by what we can call for the moment, “non-Christian” forces. The leadership in the cultural, financial and political realms in their hearts serve the devil and the system they have created is based on the principles of the world and anti-Christ, rather than Christian theology.

Thirdly, end the inter-Christian fighting by accepting that though Protestants and Catholics can argue over doctrine, it is a luxury that can be done once atheistic America is replaced by a new Christian America. Despite the differences between Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox, they are all fundamentally the same when contrasted against atheism, humanism and Islam. It never ceases to amaze me how, as children are being taught to experiment as homosexuals in elementary school, and Muslims renovate Christian churches in Europe, American Evangelicals will move mountains to accommodate a three-hour period of their time on Facebook to badger a Roman Catholic on the doctrine of Mary’s ascension to heaven, rather than working to peel back Islamization or fight the culture.

Fourthly, American Christians need to accept that they are now the enemy. Though they are not being persecuted in the same manner as Christians are in Iraq or China, they are nonetheless in the early stages of being ostracized from society, so their persecution can become normalized. Once this mentality is accepted, Christians will begin to adopt a more militant mentality and will no longer be able to justify being idle, while Lindsey Graham fights to take back America on their behalf. Accepting that there is no hope in taking America back gives us reason to clash and attack the culture, rather than justifying it.

It can be asserted that if American Christianity does not repent and change its direction away from supporting the American establishment, their fate will be harsh judgment. American Christians cannot call themselves followers of Christ, while supporting and identifying with a nation that supports, via proxies, the killing of their brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries and the abrogation of Christian principles at home.

Christians cannot support a nation that promotes the whole sale slaughter of children, in or out of the womb, and nor can it claim this country as Christian so long as the debauched social behaviors that result in 1/3 of American females having STDs and record out-of-wedlock births, and over 50 percent divorce persist.

For American Christians to continually defend America unto the death, they are making themselves the de facto defenders of the perpetrators of darkness. Though I despise many of the people who make up the anti-war left, they were correct in their attacks on Christians who broadly came out in support of the Iraq war. How could Christians justify their support for a war that one was unconstitutional, ergo illegal and in violation of Romans 13, and secondly how could they justify a war that was heinously executed in a manner that has allowed for civilians and innocents to be harmed, harassed, and murdered? The answer is because American Christians were “fighting for America” and “democracy” rather than God, and therefore of course their belief system was and is still used to justify atrocities, many of which were committed against fellow Christians. But America is free and the world no longer has to worry about Saddam Huesseins’ Soviet era army.

The anti-war left, however, assumed a morally higher position, and they were correct. Because they had mentally “seceded’ from the establishment of the time and even from the country itself, they could, first, better see and accept the heinous behavior of the American military during the war, and, second, become the new heroes of peace, love, and truth against a greedy, power-hungry, oil-loving government which Christians supported – so now Christians lose. But during this time, Christians cared less for the tenants of their Faith and more for the imperial triumph of the red, white, and blue over “terrorists” regardless of the cost, even if it was their own faith.

It is time for American Christians to awaken out of their slavish loyalty to the enemy. Instead of American Protestants lambasting the Pope as being the anti-Christ, why not actually separate yourselves from a nation and system that openly behave more like the anti-Christ?

The formula is almost a dialectical process of having to first take a step backward, away from America by renouncing it as a residence of Satan, and then blast forward with a new, more revolutionary and challenging message that will compel people to come back and join the faith for something bigger, deeper, and more pure than the failing “American dream.”



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  1. Matt
    Matt May 13, 2013 at 6:03 pm | | Reply

    As I am reading this article, I am also reading my new book “Judaism’s Strange Gods”. I stumbled across a few words that fit this situation.

    “We could just as readily write a book titled, “Churchianity” The antichrist religion of Usury, greed, warmongering, state worship and scripture twisting”.

    Yup, that’s a pretty good analysis of America today

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