Soldiers Concerned About Second Amendment, Threat of Tyranny

Soldiers Concerned About Second Amendment, Threat of Tyranny


  • How did this “hero” fight for our country and for our second amendment when he and every U.S. solider since Lincoln’s War have only fought for Israel and U.S. global-imperial interests?
  • Why in the world is this soldier concerned with “the threat of tyranny” when he signed up to kill for the most tyrannical country on the planet?
  • Has a U.S. solider in a hundred years ever dispatched someone that actually attacked our
    soil or our liberties?
  • How do soldier boys go from those earning a living as members of the President’s abroad kill force, to those worried about the President’s domestic kill force? Isn’t tyranny tyranny? Unjust killing unjust killing?
  • If these men freely signed up for a criminal syndicate to invade, murder, and occupy indigenous innocents, is it not a bit disingenuous for them now to cry freedom as their former boss threatens to commission the new guard to perform their old vocation upon us?
  • Given the recent decades of blood these soldiers have shed for our gun rights, you’d think the second amendment would be our most secure freedom. Why then does it appear so volatile under today’s violent assaults?
  • More poignantly, how is it even possible that our second amendment is under attack from the same government that ordered these soldier boys to fight so zealously for it?
  • Have you ever wondered why these soldiers aren’t fighting for these



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